Free 9 Cool Things To Do In New York City

While the city of New York is considered as one of the most expensive cities in America you'd be surprised to know about the many things you could enjoy without spending a single cent.

Everything sounds and feels better when it comes for free. In an expensive world like today, the toughest part is to enjoy something without shelling out a penny. Free stuff however haven't lost their luster and never will. Imagine on your expensive holiday you discover the many things you can enjoy for free? Wouldn't it suddenly become more exciting and attractive? As travelers usually prefer to make the most of their trip by spending the least they can, anything that comes for free is simply a big fat bonus. Let us take a look at the list of the points of interest in New York City that you can enjoy for free.

Cool Things to do in New York City

1] Chelsea Galleries: Quite a few Chelsea galleries in New York don't charge admission fee. This means you can feast your eyes on the lovely art work and if you've luckily hit one of the right galleries you also get free wine in there for free. Bravo! Can it get better? Indeed.

2] New York Public Library: In a magnificent huge building of the city, locally known as Beaux-Arts is the library where you can simply pick your favorite book are start reading. What's more? You also get to use their Wi-Fi for free. Wow! Now that is something.

3] Wine tasting: This is the ultimate one. We've heard free candies, maybe free food also by chance, but free booze? That's just what we want. Isn't it? The Big Nose Full Body wine tasting offers free wine tasting every Saturday. So? If you're in New York go grab your free drink this weekend.

4] Bierkraft: So the free wine tasting was unbelievable? Try free beer now. Enjoy free beer tasting at the Brooklyn beer emporium every Tuesdays after 7 pm. You can't ask for more. Can you?

5] Free Show: So you're a Jimmy Fallon fan? You watch him for free on TV of course. Now watch his live taping for free as well. Wonderful isn't it? Catch The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and enjoy your celebrity fun for free.
Tip: Follow the updates for the show on Twitter.

6] Botanic Garden: Treat yourself to some exceptional floral beauty at the botanic garden in New York City. The garden is free only on Tuesdays. Sometimes it is free on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm as well.

7] Bronx Zoo: The city couldn't get more generous. The largest zoo of the city welcomes you for free with over 3500 animals on a 265 acre land. You can plan an entire day out at this zoo or enjoy a family picnic here. Donations are welcome.

8] Socrates Sculpture Park: Enjoy a couple of hours at the magnificent park with spectacular views of the waterfront. This park is a perfect getaway from a hectic routine. What's better? The park has a backyard pool as well.

9] African Burial Ground: Witness the national monument site where over 400 caskets were found in a time when New York was one of the cities that had the most number of slaves in America. This place makes for a good dig through history with a visitor's center that very well narrates historic facts. Free yet informative. Do visit this place.

The city of New York can be one of the most expensive cities in the world, to explore. However, if planned out well you can see much of this city and enjoy plenty of things to do in New York City free of cost.
Creating a New York City itinerary 7 days can be an easy task provided you plan everything in advance.


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