Top 10 London Tourist Attractions

London is a city of plenty. It houses an amazing melange of history, culture, art, science, technology, industrialization, and modernity. This amazing spectrum that London presents to us makes it the absolute and ultimate world's top tourist destinations. Experience and explore top of the London tourist attractions according to traveler's choice mentioned.

1] The London Eye -

The London eye is one of top London attraction as well as the highest observation wheel in the world. It has 32 capsules that can hold 25 people each. A ride in the London eye will give you panoramic views of London’ historical structures, modern buildings and beautiful bridges.

2] The Tower Of London -

This is one of the most famous buildings in the world with a 900-year history. The tower to discover the palace, place of execution, prison, jewel house, arsenal, and even a zoo. It is a distinctive historic landmark that enhances the beauty of central London manifold.

3] Buckingham Palace London Buckingham Palace is one of the many important royal landmarks that stand in London to this date. There are Seven Hundred and Seventy-five rooms in the Buckingham Palace. Exquisitely decorated interiors some of which date back to the 19th century are the highlight of this place and will really make feel the presence of Royalty around us.
Buckingham Palace London

4] Madame Tussauds Museum -

Madame Tussauds is a museum of beautiful life-like and life-sized wax figures of famous personalities from all over the world! Founded by a very creative wax sculptor of the same name, Madame Tussauds has sculptures of politicians, athletes, singers, actors, and a host of other famous figures.
Madame Tussauds Museum
5] The British Museum -

The British Museum alone makes London a preferred tourist destination. This extremely popular museum displays an array of objects dating from pre-historic times all the way to the modern era. Amazing artefacts such as the Parthenon sculptures, the Rosetta Stone, and mummies from the Ancient Egypt collection are all a part of the variety of things on display.
British Museum
6] The Natural History Museum -

The Natural History Museum in London is of the largest of its kind in the world. It contains the most impressive and well-preserved objects of natural historical importance in the world. The museum is brimming with objects of interest that are sure to enrich your knowledge of the world. It is a great place to take children and help them learn.
Natural History Museum

7] Big Ben London -

London has quite a few historic, iconic and unforgettable buildings but none more so than the Big Ben. This Huge tower is hard to miss in Central London but what made it so famous is the giant 13 ton resounding bell that is inside the clock tower that incidentally also gives it its name; Big Ben.
Big Ben London
8] National Gallery -

This vast space is a prominent feature of the famous Trafalgar Square, as it is home to a huge number 13-19th century Western European paintings. The gallery houses the work of Stubbs, Titan, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Da Vinci, and Renoir.
National Gallery
9] Tower Bridge -

The Tower Bridge which is located close to the Tower of London from which it gets its name is one of the many beautiful bridges that adorn the Thames in London. This bridge is unique for one, it is a bascule bridge or a draw-bridge which means it can be periodically folded up to let water-boats pass.

10] Zsl London Zoo London Zoo also referred to as Regent’s Zoo, it is the oldest scientific zoo in the world. Established in 1828 and opened to public in 1847, today the zoo has over 16,000 animals belonging to over 700 species. It is one of the largest collections of animals in the United Kingdom.
Zsl London Zoo
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