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Top 10 Things To Do In Summer In New York City

The city of splendor, elegance, money and luxury; New York is a jewel to the crown of the United States. From fashion, to business this awe-inspiring part of the American land has so much to share with the world. The people of New York are considered to be some of the most jovial persons of the world and they really do know how to have a cool hangout; even in hot, blazing summers. So this summer season, visit New York City and have fun, in the Yorkers' style.
Musing what to do in the city? Check out this list of mind blowing things to do in New York City-

1. Hangout At Rooftop Bars And Restaurants
New York has some of the coolest rooftop bars and restaurants servicing special summer menu and drinks. Visit any bar or restaurant and have a small fun party with your near and dear ones. If you are alone and feeling bored, just hit any of the bars and you can find a group of fun loving and welcoming New Yorkers chilling over there.

2. Biking Around The City
New York has a lot of p…

Stunning Tourist Attractions To Visit In New York City

Everyone wants to visit New York at least once in his lifetime, like you do. New York or commonly known as NYC is the global center of everything from fashion to technology to business. But there are some important things that you need to know about New York before you visit there.
New York is consisted of five different counties; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. You may start your journey from any one of them. And the climate around the vast landscape is just ideal for travelling all around the year.

New York Panoramic View And once you start travelling there is no end of it. There are a vast number of places that you must have to see. The most famous of them is the pride of America, The Statue of Liberty. It’s an exotic view from the coast of lower Manhattan. And once you get there and climb to the top of the statue you may see the whole skyline of the New York City from there.

After enjoying some time there you may move on and have a visit to t…

Things To Do In London In Last Summer Week 24-31 August 2015

London is a beautiful, immensely spread and one of the most populated cities of the United Kingdom. The place is vibrant, tantalizing and never sleeps even in the nights. London summers have found frequent images and descriptions in many of the poems, paintings with landscapes of the city and its attractions. Land of the English Royals, this city is a landmark of the spirit of the Europe. London summers have found frequent images and descriptions in many of the poems, paintings with landscapes of the city and its attractions. The period of summers is a time of vacation and lethargy; people of London can be often seen chilling, hanging out soaking in the warm sun and partying. Also it is a season of various events and celebrations on the land. Wondering what do in London during summers? Here is a list of few things to do in London which you can try-  1. South West Four This two day festival is organized every year in the last week of August month with some of the most popular band play…

Tips For Solo Women Traveler In Paris

Paris is a cosmopolitan city of France and is regarded as the city of lights and is a perfect travel destination for people is it couples, families or singles to get organised for a perfect holiday. Paris surpasses any destination on earth for its beauty and would surely satisfy people of all tastes, history buffs, shopaholics, people interested in food etc. Paris has never failed to captivate me as well during my latest visit as a solo women traveler  I wish to share few helpful tips on Paris travel for people who wish to explore this destination all by themselves.
What to pack: It is good to pack blazers and slacks more that sweatshirt and jeans here, for they are not just lighter bur are much accepted. It is good to dress smart here like a French Women, to not get recognized as a tourist easily. All chic women costumes here include a scarf as well. Also Paris is best explored by bare foot. Athletic shoes would help well rather than flats and stylish heels. Most of the …

Top 10 London Tourist Attractions

London is a city of plenty. It houses an amazing melange of history, culture, art, science, technology, industrialization, and modernity. This amazing spectrum that London presents to us makes it the absolute and ultimate world's top tourist destinations. Experience and explore top of the London tourist attractions according to traveler's choice mentioned.

1] The London Eye -
The London eye is one of top London attraction as well as the highest observation wheel in the world. It has 32 capsules that can hold 25 people each. A ride in the London eye will give you panoramic views of London’ historical structures, modern buildings and beautiful bridges.

2] The Tower Of London -

This is one of the most famous buildings in the world with a 900-year history. The tower to discover the palace, place of execution, prison, jewel house, arsenal, and even a zoo. It is a distinctive historic landmark that enhances the beauty of central London manifold.

3] Buckingham Palace London Buckingham Pal…

10 Things About London You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

‘Go where we may, rest where we will, Eternal London haunts us still’. That’s the effect that this city of dreams has on the unassuming and the uninitiated. London leaves you feeling many emotions at the same time: wonderstruck, spirited, overwhelmed yet strangely…welcome.
It’s almost as if there is an epic event attached to every corner of London. The ghosts of The Beatles on Abbey road, Shakespeare in the Globe, Sherlock Holmes on Baker Street and innumerable others definitely add to the celebrity of London. So whether it’s your first visit to this magnanimous metropolis or your hundredth, there will always be one part of you that will stay back in this city. London makes you fall in love; it warms the cockles of your heart and gives you a big wet kiss like you’re one of its own. It’s very difficult not to fall head over heels with this crazy behemoth. Come to think of it, whether we know it or not, there’s a bit of London in all of us. What makes this city so special, …

Best 10 Things To Do In London In summer 2015

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life!”- Samuel Johnson The author must have definitely fathomed the vibrancy of London! Ranging from literary, bohemian, classic, sports to music-London has all, thanks to its cosmopolitan self. So, if London is synonymous with royalty for you, there is something you are missing out in terms of understanding the essence of the city. Walk the sun kissed streets of London in the summer of 2015 and wonder at the plethora of opportunities that the city offers to you. With an ideal amalgam of weather and culture, there would be an array of activities to indulge in the city. And if you are confused as to what to shortlist, we shall unravel at least 10 things to do this summer in London 2015. 
Underbelly Festival 2015: The big moo is certainly a fun! This giant purple cow behind the London eye is host to Underbelly festival every year. Brimming with a plethora of entertainment activities such as cabaret, children’s shows and comedy shows, th…

What To See In 3 Days In New York City

So, for your next vacation, you have decided to spend three days in New York City? When exploring the Big Apple, there are many things you will come across- from the iconic Statue of Liberty to the awe-inspiring Grand Central Terminal.  Whilst working on your 3 days itinerary for New York City, you will for sure be adding The Metropolitan Museum of Art to your list. One of the most expansive art museums in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art houses more than two million works of art spanning thousands of years. And it will be a crime if you don’t visit the Statue of Liberty on the first day itself! A popular attraction, Lady Liberty has become a prominent part of the New York skyline. While there, you can also check out Ellis Island along with the Immigration museum. While in New York, who can forget Times Square? The Square is one of the reasons why New York is called ‘City that never sleeps’! Cinemas, Broadway theatres and neon billboards trying to advertise everything, from s…

Free 9 Cool Things To Do In New York City

While the city of New York is considered as one of the most expensive cities in America you'd be surprised to know about the many things you could enjoy without spending a single cent.
Everything sounds and feels better when it comes for free. In an expensive world like today, the toughest part is to enjoy something without shelling out a penny. Free stuff however haven't lost their luster and never will. Imagine on your expensive holiday you discover the many things you can enjoy for free? Wouldn't it suddenly become more exciting and attractive? As travelers usually prefer to make the most of their trip by spending the least they can, anything that comes for free is simply a big fat bonus. Let us take a look at the list of the points of interest in New York City that you can enjoy for free.
Cool Things to do in New York City
1] Chelsea Galleries: Quite a few Chelsea galleries in New York don't charge admission fee. This means you can feast your eyes on the lovely art wo…