Top 10 Things to do in Rio de Janeiro city in Winter

Rio-de-Janeiro; a modern heaven of Samba with breath-taking city views and the famous ‘Christ The Redeemer’ which is the crown jewel of Brazil. Beautiful people and mind-blowing nightlife, Rio-de-Janeiro is known for its warm hospitality just like its breeze.

For a first time traveller however, Rio-de-Janeiro in summers can be a bit daunting – making Winter (December- February) an ideal time for really getting into the groove of the city. Read on to know what you can do on your winter trip to perhaps the most loved city on the planet.
  1. Christ The Redeemer:
Standing regally with open arms on mount Corcovado in the Tijuca Forest, Christ The Redeemer is a must when you visit Rio-de Janeiro. The statue took 9 years to build and is synonym to the city. Hike through to the mountain to embrace the view. The statue is at its best after dark.

Christ The Redeemer
  1. Copacabana:
A beautiful beach with the most serene view is the perfect way to experience the pleasant winters in Rio-de-Janeiro. If are not a beach buff then the promenade by the beach is perfect for a stroll anytime of the day. The beach is also a part of the annual Carnival.

Copacabana Beach
  1. Santa Teresa:
Santa Teresa is the perfect place if you want to get familiar with the art pulse of the city. The neighbourhood was originally known as the elite centre of Rio-de- Janeiro witnessed by its beautiful mansions and narrowing streets which now accommodate some of the best art galleries in the city.

Santa Teresa
  1. Sugarloaf Mountain:
Known for its distinct shape which sticks out from Rio’s Peninsula, the Sugarloaf Mountain is the perfect spot to see the city like never before. Take a Cable-car ride to reach the peak. Don’t forget to capture the views of the Atlantic as you relish in its breeze.

Sugarloaf Mountain
  1. Feira Hippie:
The Feira Hippie is the Sunday hippie market of the city. A melange of trinkets, handicrafts, jewellery, foods, leather products, this place is a must if you love street shopping and don’t mind digging in to find your latest favourites!

Feira Hippie
  1. Cultural Banco Do Brasil:
The building is one of the Rio-de-Janeiro’s oldest and is known for its magnanimous and intricate architecture. Originally a bank, today the place is open for public use as an exhibition centre, three theatres and a video room along with a tea room. Don’t miss the spectacular exhibition by the world known artist Picasso!

Cultural Banco Do Brasil
  1. Rio Carnival:
The Rio carnival is a mega festival which Brazil is proud to show off every year at the end of winter. The street carnival which is hosted at the Sambadrone and the Copacabana Palace and beach, is an open parade with welcoming arms for its many tourists this time of the year. Groove to the music as you watch the iconic dancers dance like never before.

Rio Carnival
  1. Petropolis:
One of the biggest winter attractions in Rio, Petropolis is known for its Summer Palace which is now a museum. Visit the Wax Museum, Rio Negro Palace sure to make you day trip count. The place is literally a walk in Rio’s rich history.

  1. São Bento Monastery: Baroque architecture at its best, the Sao Bento Monastery is known for its larger than life design and still functions to arrange weekly masses for its new admirers. Note that the magnificent organ still used here is from late 17th Century!
Sao Bento Monastery
  1. Urca: On your way down from the Sugarloaf Mountain, take a pit stop at Urca Beach to have a drink and enjoy the beautiful sunsets that the city is known for. If you like a little adventure, take a dip in the cold waters to make it a memorable stop.
Urca Beach

Rio-de-Janeiro has carved out a unique place for itself on the globe and is the most visited city in the history of tourism! Catch up with its vibrant pulse which celebrates life to the maximum. Plan your trip to Rio and experience the things to do in Rio De Janeiro in winter like never before.


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