25 Amazing Tourist Attractions In London

As the famous quote from Vivienne Westwood goes, “There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere”; London is undoubtedly one of the finest destinations in the world to visit. There are many tourist attractions in London that have been topping the bucket list of travelers for years.
But here’s a twist, scroll down to discover some of the quirkiest things to do in London which you have never heard of before! It may get overwhelming to plan a trip to such a vast city when you have limited time. So, read on to create the perfect London itinerary 6 days.
  1. The Rolling bridge:
Also known as curling bridge, it curls up to allow the passage to the boats at the Paddington Basin and otherwise operates as a pedestrian bridge.

The Rolling bridge
  1. St. Martin in-the-Fields' Weird Window:
The work of an Iranian artist and former Turner prize nominee- Shirazeh Houshiary, the stained glass effect looks like the glass’s reflection in water.

St. Martin in-the-Fields' Weird Window
  1. 10 Downing Street:
A Prime Minister’s home with around 100 rooms and a front door with no door knob! Also One of the most guarded buildings in Britain.

10 Downing Street
  1. The Samuel Johnson’s Cat:
The statue of Hodge- pet cat of famous English writer and literary critic Dr. Johnson; the cat also features in the famous book “Life of Johnson” by the writer.

The Samuel Johnson’s Cat
  1. The Brixton Windmill:
Pioneering new music, this is in fact a venue for a pub with live music. It is named after the neighbouring and last surviving windmill of the London area.

The Brixton Windmill
  1. The Neal’s Yard Water Clock:
To check out this water clock, you have to look up, but the periodic water splashing and the ringing bells are captivating!

  1. Sir John Soane's Telephone:
The tomb of the famous neo-classical architect, this generated the shape of the re telephone boxes in London.

Sir John Soane's Telephone
  1. Wilton’s Music Hall:
A multi-art performance space and one of the very few surviving music halls retaining its features just like they were in 18th century

Wilton’s Music Hall
  1. The London Noses or Seven Noses of Soho:
Attached to the prominent buildings like National Gallery and Tate Britain, these plaster of Paris reproductions resembling an artist’s nose popping out in a bizarre way are a mockery to the CCTV cameras installed everywhere in London.

The London Noses or Seven Noses of Soho
  1. The Hidden Ears Of Covent Garden:
The cast noses of artist Tim Fishlock, two of them can be found on the Floral Street in convent garden, others need a little hunt!

The Hidden Ears Of Covent Garden
  1. The Whitechapel Bell Foundry:
The birth place of the world famous Liberty Bell!

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry
  1. The Water Pump Of Broadwick Street:
The public water-pump causing the outbreak of cholera in 1984 which was then disabled by physicist Dr. John Snow

The Water Pump Of Broadwick Street
  1. Britain’s Smallest Police Station:
Dating back to 1920, this tiny cell can hold two prisoners and apparently acted like a CCTV back then where a police officer could observe the busy Trafalgar square.

Britain’s Smallest Police Station
  1. The Famous 18 Moles:
A mysterious large jar crammed full of whole preserved moles in the Grant Museum. A must-visit attraction in London for sure!

The Famous 18 Moles
  1. The Kyoto Garden:
Recreation of Japan in London, a winter retreat and a landscaped garden,  

The Kyoto Garden
  1. Camley Street Natural Park's:
A Verdant treat in the urban area, two acres of woodland, water and wild meadow, concealed in the urban heart of King's Cross

Camley Street Natural Park's
  1. Pelicans that have been living in St James's Park for nearly 350 years:
First introduced in 1644 as a birthday gift to King Charles II from the Russian Ambassador, these pretty birds have been calling James Park a home for last 350 years.

St James's Park
  1. St Dunstan in the East Church Gardens:
Beauty from the ashes- a scenic garden set up by re-modifying bombed ruins of a medieval church.

St Dunstan
  1. Aldwych Tube Station:
Located in the city of Westminster, this is a closed station in central London. The entrance board says Piccadilly RLY strand station!

Aldwych Tube Station
  1. The Hidden Space Invaders:
Installed by a French guy who calls himself an Invader, these 8 bit images are not just in London but also in Hong Kong and Paris. Only few of them are found; rest are still unrevealed!

Space Invaders
  1. The Mandela Way T-34 Tank:
A decommissioned Soviet T-34 battle tank preserved on the corner of Mandela Way and Pages Walk in Bermondsey, London

The Mandela Way T-34 Tank
  1. The Fake Bridge at Kenwood House:
 Made out of fencing panels that are painted in white colour, you cannot cross the bridge when it comes to it- because it is fake and just an illusion.

The Fake Bridge At Kenwood House
  1. The Faulty Lions Of Trafalgar Square:
Masterpieces of Sir Edwin Landseer- the lions have paws of cats since the model dead lion which was the inspiration to the artist, decomposed while he made the art piece.

The Faulty Lions Of Trafalgar Square
  1. The Little Pet Cemetery :
A Victorian cemetery in Hyde park with over 300 tombs where pets of the locals and regulars are resting in peace.

The Little Pet Cemetery
  1. The Literary Graves at Bunhill Fields, EC1:
The burial place of Isaac Watts, William Blake, John Bunyan, George Fox and Daniel Defoe, these literary graves were specially allotted to the non-conformists. There is also a monument dedicated to Thomas Hardy.

The Literary Graves At Bunhill Fields

So, packing bags, are we? Travel to London and explore these off-beat attractions, have an experience like never before!


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