Top 10 Exciting Cities That Never Sleep

From a fast lifestyle to faster roads these cities have it all, and have it good. All night party destinations, eateries and other joints somehow have taught the cities to be predators of the night. Here’s a look at the world’s top most exciting cities that never sleep!

1. New york City

The city of New York is like a synonym for an overwhelming nightlife and yes, the hippest parties in town. The city never sleeps and a late night walk here might turn into the greatest party of your life. From late night pubs to all night open underground shows the city has to be on the top of the list. One of most vital industries of NYC is Tourism.There are more than 100 New York City tourist attractions which tourist visit at least once in a lifetime.
2. Montevideo
So imagine a party on the beach, but wait, in the middle of the night! Now that is something, isn’t it? Well, you can have that experience too if you are visiting Montevideo. BBC has found this heaven for night crawlers which is gaining popularity, fast, because of its grand beaches and mad beach parties.
3. Madrid
The energy of this town is simply infectious, so in simpler words when the rest of the world is making its bed and dozing off into the night, Madrid wakes up! From sinful music to all night open cafes the destination sure knows how to have a blast.
4. Beirut 
Beirut is the “New york” of the Middle East and is considered the party capital of the region. With multi-cultural vibes and lively nightlife the destination is one that every party animal dreams of in its wildest imagination.

5. Paris

The city of lights is one of the most beautiful places to be after dark, the illuminated Eifel tower and brightly lit roads make it impossible to leave the night without taking a stroll. With lively people and elegant attire the city comes second to none.

6. Cairo

They say time flies when you are having a good time well, this city will pass you faster than a Ferrari on a clear road. The charm of the 24 hour urban lies with its nightlife. Puff on a late night hookah or just enjoy a drink with the locals and watch as the whole city and time itself flies away.

7. Marrrakech

Marrakech is a wonderland in Morocco and unlike most cities makes the most of its time when it comes to having a blast. The destination is fun and lively at daytime but transforms into a dream at night. Weather is it for a cocktail at night or a full-fledged bash the city will never let you down. The main square becomes the most extravagant eating destination and flocks of hungry people are seen everyday wandering the night.

8. Mumbai 

Different from other cities Mumbai rises every day from the ashes of the night and then, well, that’s when the real party begins! late night clubs, lounges and yes, the famous marine drive! The destination is a clock that never seems to stop or be still even for a moment.

9. Las Vegas 

The original sin city can’t just be ignored you know, and as they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, the city is well famed for its notorious late night parties and casinos. Simply put, this is one of those destinations that makes you forget time like it never mattered anyway. All night running casinos and a scintillating array of fun loaded activities is what the Metropolis is all about.
10. Buenos Aires 
This Latin-American capital is an all-night fiasco that just never ends! Visit the destination and you will find out the true meaning of Partying hard and of course all night long! With Sizzling music and raucous tango clubs all across, this city has to be in every bachelor’s Bucket list.
So here’s the list of the top cities in the world which know no sleep. So for all you beasts of the night, this is where it’s happening and this is where you should be!
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