Must 10 Things To Eat In Rio De Janeiro Film Festival

Rio de Janeiro- the land of festivities, football and the famous Rio Carnival, a place which never runs out of its stock of enthusiasm, vigour and fun. Their calendar is filled with small and big celebrations and every night is a party night at this marvellous Brazilian patch. Put on your shoes, grab a bottle of water and set on your expedition of knowing this beautiful paradise set on the shores of well-known Ipanema and Copacabana Beaches. The place unwinds itself into new arenas as you further move towards its beautiful vicinities.

With the famous Rio International Film festival around the corner, one of the best possible things to do in Rio de Janeiro is, tasting the exotic Brazilian cuisine, in order to know the place better. Here is a list of 10 must try foods one should taste at least once in life-


A famous Brazilian delicacy which the country received in heritage from its earlier Portuguese settlements, Churrasco is a grilled meat appetiser and is one of the traditional dishes of Rio. This Rio film festival, do try this succulent meal.


As the colours bring delight ad charm to a painting, so does this Brazilian fast food. The dish came to Rio, Brazil from its Portuguese inhabitants and since then the food took myriad changes and is now available in different variations. The dish basically comprises of a dough pocket with filling of cheese, mozzarella, chicken, ground meat, shrimp. Sweet version of this delicacy comprises of guava jam and minas cheese and sometimes banana and chocolate, which are fairly rare to see.

Bolinho de bacalhau

The dish basically constitute of cod fish soaked in salt water overnight, and then cooked with local spices and herbs. Although the dish looks like a simple appetiser, much of the strain is taken while its preparation. This Rio delicacy is a symbol of perseverance, patience and prolonged work to get the right flavour, be it in food or in life.

Brazzilian Churros

Churros are not basically from Brazil but they are the gift of early Portuguese settlements in the country. Over the time, the dish took its own shape and significance in the land and is now one of the most popular foods of Rio. Made out of dough; it is twisted and fried and later covered with chocolate layers or severed separate with Dulce de leche (sweetened milk dipping made by constantly boiling it).


Made of chicken, the food typically looks like the body of a chick. The dish is made of chicken battered and fried. What makes this food a must eat in Rio is their use of the spices which are specific of South-American origin. With crunchy, crispy layering and tender piece of chicken inside, this street food is worth eating.


The dish is significant of Brazilians love for beans. It is a stew made of beans served with grilled pork or beef. It is one of the important parts of Rio de Janeiro culture; where it can be seen in a small feast to large banquets, in a simple day meal to a grand celebration.

Queijo Coalho

Made out of cheese, the dish is a craze among the beach goers of Rio. Also it is considered good to consume Queijo Coalho before going for any water sport or activity. The dish comprises of cheese grilled over charcoal, seasoned with oregano and consumed either solely or with Churrasco.

Escondidinho de carne seca

It is a meat pie prepared with mashed tapioca, catupiry cheese, and topping with parmesan cheese. The enticing part of this dish is the creamy soft texture of the layer and the underneath softly cooked meat. The meal is a combination of two differently tasting dishes combined and brought up together in a right proportion.

Açai com granola

Considered as one of the healthiest breakfasts of Brazilin cuisines, the dish is made with Açai, a South American berry and served with banana pieces and granola bars. Planning for a long day or want to do some sturdy activities? Grab a yummy bite of Açai com granola and feel energetic and rejuvenated all day.

Camarão ao alho e óleo

Mouth watering seafood made of shrimps and sauces. Taste this Brazilian speciality in Rio and cherish your time at the place. One of the best things to do in Rio de Janeiro, grab a bite of this beautifully flavoured and balanced dish and cherish your visit of the film festival.

So what are you tasting this Rio International Film festival?

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