Make Singapore Your Summer Retreat

Singapore or ‘the lion city’ as it was fondly named, is Asia’s favorite holiday destination. Polished, pampered and full of joy, Singapore packs quite a punch in a small package. Full of character and surprisingly accommodating, this city is alive throughout the night and bustling all through the day.

It’s almost as if Singapore was born to fulfill your whims and fancies, the sheer amount of activities and attractions in this lively city will exhaust you yet leave you panting for more. There are more than fifty tourist attractions and things to do in Singapore. Even if you have hard-to-please kids or an unforgiving shopaholic wife or a greedy yourself, Singapore is a one-stop destination that has you covered.
Whether it’s the action-packed Universal studios or the retail therapy of Orchard Street or the colourful antique shops in China town, there is something here for everyone in the family. So, you can choose to go overboard at the extravagant boutiques or go street shopping for curios and souvenirs; Singapore fits in every budget and every mood.

Singapore Food:

Because of its exciting ethnic blend, Singapore boasts of a culinary variety like no other Asian city! Food is truly a national obsession and this is reflected in the hoards of bistros, cafes and gourmet restaurants that always seem to be swarmed with enthusiastic revellers! Expect a legendary nightlife; you can party the night away, hopping from one club to another and always have somewhere new to visit the next evening.

Summer time things to do in Singapore:

Summers in Singapore are a magical time. The whole city seems to be out and about and you can smell vacation in the air! The weather is warm and inviting forcing you to slip into your shorts and head to the nearest lush green park for a day full of summer fun! Shopping discounts, irresistible offers on hotels and innumerable outdoor activities make Singapore an ideal summer getaway.

Singapore Night Safari:

Take your kids on a night safari at the city’s world famous zoo or head to the mystifying Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which is a patch of virgin rainforest for some unforgettable mountain biking ; Singapore is prepared to indulge you in every way possible!

Singapore Sentosa Island:

When you’re in an edgy mood and want to try something that truly gets your endorphins dancing, head to Sentosa Island for an underwater rendezvous with sharks that is sure to go down as one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Singapore’s soul is versatile and non-conformist; it’s a city that will surprise you with every visit. A spirit that is undying, passionate and with a sense of humour, Singapore has emerged as a tourist destination par excellence. A stunning example in administration and unified discipline, every Singaporean has contributed in making this city a glorious metropolis.

Your summer in Singapore is sure to be a wonderful memory that stays with you for years to come. So many possibilities and opportunities await you and your family at this bustling, artistic haven. Explore Singapore in its true glory this summer and treat your family with the experience of a lifetime!

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