Enjoyable Things To Do In Shanghai For Best Traveling Experience

Shanghai is a Global city which is at its top position in all fields including trade, economics, broadcasting, custom and other categories. Shanghai lies on the mouth of the great River Yangtze. I was fascinated and traveled to Shanghai to vision the great historical landmarks and make my trip a remarkable one. Shanghai climate is sub-tropical and humid makes it pleasant for tourists to flock in. The grand skyscraper makes it astonishing and grand for the city to be viewed. The Shanghai tourist information is mandatory and provides with more information regarding your trip. Let me list out the top 10 reasons to visit Shanghai. So, read on to create the perfect Shanghai itinerary 7 days.

Shanghai - City of Towers

Top 10 reasons to visit Shanghai

Dragon Year - While following the lunar calendar, the dragon year falls on June, with 12 animal symbols, the inhabitants of Shanghai Dragon as the most favorable one. The Lunar New Year which is celebrated is one of the grandest celebrations which have ever happened in Shanghai, so Shanghai tourism during this celebration will make your trip a remarkable one.

Shanghai Expo exhibition - The Shanghai expo pavilion holds the grand Expo memorial exhibition. I was really amazed and astonished to watch out the 2000 products tracked and located from different countries. The 12000 square meter exhibition holds the gargantuan baby robots which were programmed to welcome the invitees; the other important one was the Giant baby, and many more interesting ones.

Plentiful Gorgeous Hotels –The budget travelers are lucky enough as more number of economy hotels is popping up. They also have projects about opening more hotels in China and Shanghai. 

Shanghai Shopping Area

For Shopping – Specially for women shopping is one of the best things to do in Shanghai city. For travelers who love to reduce the weight of their wallet Shanghai shopping would be the right place. Plans have been made to open additional shopping malls which are great news to tourists. Some of the key spots where I shopped for valuable products are the New World, Art Shopping Mall, Swanky Takashimaya, and lots more.

China Art Palace – The inauguration of China Art Palace has made Shanghai to hold grade in the international cultural metropolises. The 160,000 square meter breakthrough id dedicated for art lovers and stands famous all around China.
World Chocolate Wonderland – This is my favorite spot as the name suggests the wonderland is a wonder with only chocolates around. The presentations that stand out there are only prepared up of chocolates. I was also given an opportunity to make chocolate and was gifted with chocolates.

Celebrations – Festivals at China are always grand and pull people from round the globe to enjoy it. Few of those festivals are the Peach blossom festival, the International Flower festival, the Annual Longhua temple fair and lots more.

Shanghai city festival celebration

Nightlife at Shanghai – The enjoyment at Shanghai runs beyond hours where the nightlife is lively and enjoyable. The colorful nightlife holds traditional essence, cinemas present both Chinese and foreign films, numerous theatres hosting, dance, drama, puppets and lots more. There is never an end to enjoyment at Shanghai; I had a great time at Shanghai nightlife which is unforgettable. 

Yu Garden – Renowned to be the largest garden which flows peace and relaxation when crawling amongst the trees, rocks, walls symbolizing dragons, bridges and pavilions. 

Watch Car Race – The formula 1 track which is a famed one can be watched here. You can watch the expensive cars rushing down the tracks. 

For more details about Shanghai tourist’s information, food, accommodation, nightlife, restaurants, sightseeing, and many more. 


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