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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Awesome architecture of St Peters Cathedral, Regensburg

Regensburg is one of the best tourist city in Bavaria, Germany which is one of the oldest city in Germany. Here you can visit various UNESCO world heritage sites and enjoy various pleasant festivals as well. Among all of the tourist destinations in Regensburg, Old stone bridge and St Peters Cathedral are the best of them all. The animation below ill show the best architecture structure of the St Peters Cathedral.

St Peters cathedral is one of the oldest monument in Regensburg city and also known as Regensburg cathedral or Regensburg Dom. If you are planning for any trip to Germany then must have a visit to Regensburg city.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Temples - Best Option For Sightseeing Places In Bangkok

Planning a visit to Bangkok will lead you towards a spiritual journey. Perhaps, the religious attractions in the Thai capital will appease in such a way that you feel like visiting it time and again. Pilgrims in search of peace will be able to find the much needed reprieve as Bangkok is also known as the City of Temples because of which the grandeur could be represented in the perfect way. 

Given below are the top Buddhist temples located in Bangkok where you could feel the religious fragrance to the core.

·         Wat Arun

·         Wat Pho

·         Wat Chana

·         Ayutthaya Temple

Several other sacred temples, religious monuments and spiritual structures exist in and around the city providing you the best feelings in an extensive manner.

Wat Arun
Wat Arun is one of the sacred temples of Bangkok. It is also known as the Temple of Dawn. Located on the banks of Chao Phraya River, it is situated in Thonburi West. The famous Hindu God Aruna is the source of inspiration for this temple being named so. Literally, ‘Aruna’ refers the radiations emerging out of Sun. Having been built in 19th century by King Rama II, this is one of the earliest temples of Thailand.

Wat Arun Temple
Wat Pho
Reaching the Thai district of Phra Nakhon as part of your Bangkok journey, you will be pleased with the spiritual atmosphere maintained at Wat Pho temple. It is popularly known as The Temple of Reclining Buddha. However, the deity here is locally referred to as Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan. This temple holds the record for the biggest yet oldest Buddhist temple located in the entire nation.

Wat Pho Temple

Wat Chana
Wat Chana Temple is another landmark of Bangkok located close to Khaosan Temple. After you go inside Ubosot of the temple, it is possible to view the famous Buddha image. This temple is known to have in prevalence ever since the city of Bangkok has been created. Several historical artifacts could be found inside the temple. Thai architectural style could be best witnessed right from the temple walls to the grand interiors.

Wat Chana Temple

Ayutthaya Temple
Ayutthaya Temples are a set of historic temples located in the Island City of Ayutthaya. Perhaps, there several temple ruins found here of which most of them have gone through restoration. Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is one of the ancient temples here dating back to as long as 835 AD. Sala Chom Thong is another restored temple premises reflecting the rich and past heritage of the city. Several other ancient structures lie still in ruins requiring massive restoration process as part of renovating World Heritage Park situated in Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya Temple

Monday, 12 August 2013

Moscow Churches - Best Tourist Destinations to Visit

As well know that Moscow is the capital of worlds largest country - Russia. There are many tourist attractions to visit in Moscow as it is a culturally and historically rich city. While drafting a trip to Moscow every traveler must have to visit some best churches in Moscow city. Each church in Moscow has its different and unique characteristic and structure. Have a look at the video below to get best introductory information about top churches to visit in Moscow.

Top 5 Churches – Booming Tourist Attractions IN Moscow

There are so many other tourist attractions as well to visit in Moscow city but please try to have a visit to best churches which are mentioned n the video above to get up close with cultural virtues of Russia.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Enjoyable Things To Do In Shanghai For Best Traveling Experience

Shanghai is a Global city which is at its top position in all fields including trade, economics, broadcasting, custom and other categories. Shanghai lies on the mouth of the great River Yangtze. I was fascinated and traveled to Shanghai to vision the great historical landmarks and make my trip a remarkable one. Shanghai climate is sub-tropical and humid makes it pleasant for tourists to flock in. The grand skyscraper makes it astonishing and grand for the city to be viewed. The Shanghai tourist information is mandatory and provides with more information regarding your trip. Let me list out the top 10 reasons to visit Shanghai.

Shanghai - City of Towers

Top 10 reasons to visit Shanghai

Dragon Year - While following the lunar calendar, the dragon year falls on June, with 12 animal symbols, the inhabitants of Shanghai Dragon as the most favorable one. The Lunar New Year which is celebrated is one of the grandest celebrations which have ever happened in Shanghai, so Shanghai tourism during this celebration will make your trip a remarkable one.

Shanghai Expo exhibition - The Shanghai expo pavilion holds the grand Expo memorial exhibition. I was really amazed and astonished to watch out the 2000 products tracked and located from different countries. The 12000 square meter exhibition holds the gargantuan baby robots which were programmed to welcome the invitees; the other important one was the Giant baby, and many more interesting ones.

Plentiful Gorgeous Hotels –The budget travelers are lucky enough as more number of economy hotels is popping up. They also have projects about opening more hotels in China and Shanghai. 

Shanghai Shopping Area

For Shopping – Specially for women shopping is one of the best things to do in Shanghai city. For travelers who love to reduce the weight of their wallet Shanghai shopping would be the right place. Plans have been made to open additional shopping malls which are great news to tourists. Some of the key spots where I shopped for valuable products are the New World, Art Shopping Mall, Swanky Takashimaya, and lots more.

China Art Palace – The inauguration of China Art Palace has made Shanghai to hold grade in the international cultural metropolises. The 160,000 square meter breakthrough id dedicated for art lovers and stands famous all around China.
World Chocolate Wonderland – This is my favorite spot as the name suggests the wonderland is a wonder with only chocolates around. The presentations that stand out there are only prepared up of chocolates. I was also given an opportunity to make chocolate and was gifted with chocolates.

Celebrations – Festivals at China are always grand and pull people from round the globe to enjoy it. Few of those festivals are the Peach blossom festival, the International Flower festival, the Annual Longhua temple fair and lots more.

Shanghai city festival celebration

Nightlife at Shanghai – The enjoyment at Shanghai runs beyond hours where the nightlife is lively and enjoyable. The colorful nightlife holds traditional essence, cinemas present both Chinese and foreign films, numerous theatres hosting, dance, drama, puppets and lots more. There is never an end to enjoyment at Shanghai; I had a great time at Shanghai nightlife which is unforgettable. 

Yu Garden – Renowned to be the largest garden which flows peace and relaxation when crawling amongst the trees, rocks, walls symbolizing dragons, bridges and pavilions. 

Watch Car Race – The formula 1 track which is a famed one can be watched here. You can watch the expensive cars rushing down the tracks. 

For more details about Shanghai tourist’s information, food, accommodation, nightlife, restaurants, sightseeing, and many more our Shanghai travel guide who guided me will help you out too.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Besti tourist attractions In Delhi

Delhi city is not just capital of India but also here you can visit various tourist destinations and heritage monuments as well.

Following are some of the best tourist destinations in Delhi city which you should not miss while planning your trip to Delhi.
Red Fort, Alshardham Temple, Lotus temple, Qutub Minar are the top 4 best tourist destinations in Delhi. There are many other places to visit in the city which will make your Delhi trip more enjoyable.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Best Museums In Antwerp

Antwerp city in a best tourist destination in Belgium and here you can visit various tourist destinations.

If you are planning for a trip to Antwerp city then you must have to see the video below to get the best information about best museums in Antwerp city.

The video above will give you the best information about top 4 best museums in Antwerp city which you should not miss in your trip.

Have an enjoyable trip to Antwerp !!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Best Recreational Activities in Taipei City

In this world there are number so best places where you can have lot of fun and can have unforgettable views of attractive and amazing places. Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan (Republic of china), located in North Taiwan. This city is beautifully situated on this planet and is the center of political, tourist activities to enjoy in Taipei. I have experienced the beauty and life of this city. I really want to visit this city again in my life time if I will ever get chance for visiting this city. If you want to visit Taiwan then trip to Taipei will be your best decision. Recreational activities in Taipei offer opportunity to take part in various Taipei activities. 

Best time to visit: if you are planning about visiting this beautiful part of our planet then you should visit during Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb months. 

Various Recreational activities in Taipei: 

Adventurous activities:
In Taipei Hinterland, you can find some sleeping volcanoes. Hiking, parasailing and paragliding are some most popular activities which you can perform during your trip to Taipei.

Taipei City Streets
Children recreation Taipei centre:
This recreation centre was designed in order to provide opportunity to children performing different entertaining Taipei activities. This recreational centre also includes amusement park and zoo which are divided into three different sections: cultural past activity, past activity and future activity. If you are with your family or children then you should visit this centre. The past of Taipei shows rich culture, present is completely full of fun and future of this city features advanced technology.

Cycling is one of excellent way to visit all the beautiful places. You can rent a cycle or bike by paying the rental charges and go or a long trip.

You can enjoy hiking activities here a lot. There are numbers of hiking activities to do in Taipei as here you can find number of mountains. You can select 7 stars mountain for hiking. The national park “Yangmingshan” is also another place where you can explore nature and can have many picturesque views.

Taipei City Garden
Water spots:
 If you visit this city during summers then you can enjoy number of water spot activities. White sand beach is one of the best water spots where you can perform many water activities and can enjoy a lot.

These are some best things to do in Taipei in which you can take part and can enjoy during visit to Taipei. If you are visiting this city for very first time then you should have proper information about this city. If you don’t know where to get proper information all about the city then you should visit Triphobo which is best travel guide. This website provides detail information about any Taipei attractions so it will be best if you collect all the required information about this city. Also here you can create your own Taipei itinerary or get the suggested Taipei itinerary 3 days from Taipei trip planner expert.

Cannes City Tourist Information

Cannes City is known for the Cannes film festival but there are many other things to do and places to visit in Cannes city.

Just have a look at the video above to know about the best tourist attractions in Cannes City.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Different Type Of Activities To Do In Normandy

Normandy is situated just few kilometres from Paris. You can reach easily Normandy by train or bus in just 2 hours. The north region of this city is popular for small fishing, attractive beaches and maritime pursuits. South region of this city is rural and home of many dairy farms, apple orchards and horse farms.
This region is popular for apple cider, calvados, liquor that made for apples and cheese. When I was in Normandy I enjoyed lot and perform number of things to do in Normandy. I am sure if you will visit this place you will want to visit this region again and again.

Weather conditions:  It is very important to consider the weather conditions. Best time to make a trip to Normandy depends upon visitors or tourists. Those people who love to spend times on beaches should go to Normandy in summers but those people who want to escape from hot and love visiting places in cold days then winters are best to visit this city.
Normandy is beautifully situated region & there are numbers of recreational activities in Normandy. Every year many people come to visits this place and to see the different Normandy activities. 

Mont Saint Michel
Different recreational activities in Normandy:

When I was in Normandy during my holiday’s trip to Normandy I enjoyed cycling activities. Cycling is the best way to visit most popular places and beautiful places. You can soak up local atmosphere & traditions. You can rent cycle and can go for a long drive. 

This city provides numbers of golf courses where you can play golf. There are many golf courses which offer opportunity to beginners playing golf in these courses.

Horse riding:
If you are interested in horse riding and love horse riding then you can have a lot of fun in this city by horse riding. You can rent a horse for a day by paying the charges, can go for long ride and have numbers of picturesque views.

Le Tréport - Best fishing area
Hiking and rambling:
Hiking & Rambling are some of the best activities to enjoy in Normandi. There are more than 100 miles where you can go for long recreational activities.  

Normandy is wellblessed with fishing activities. Normandy is well known in France for the Saloman fishing & sea trout. I love fishing and when i was in Normandy I enjoyed fishing activates there. if you love fishing then you can rent tools for fishing from fishing areas.

There are numbers of activities to do in Normandy. The main attractions of lace museum are that it includes countless and incredible collection of needle point lace. Moreover, French, Italian, and Scandinavian paintings which belong to 15th century schools are the major attractions of Normandy.  

If you haven’t proper information about this city then you can visit that is best travel guide website and can help in good way.

Austin City - Heaven For Music Lovers

If you are a music lover then you must have to visit the Austin city and enjoy the great music festival.

Traveling the Austin city will definitely will be an amazing experience for you. You can enjoy various music events and festivals here.

Just have a look at the video above to known about some of the best music festivals in Austin city.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Top 8 Reasons to Visit Manila, Philippine

There is something hypnotically true about Manila, the capital of Philippine. It is attired in cosmopolitan raiment; it is a gamut of denizens of the likes of Malay, Spanish, American, Chinese and Arabic who never fail to amaze you. Its urbane in the sense that Manila has much to show-off when it comes to places you can visit. Even while the chaos is nauseating you would find it hard to resist responding to the ethnic romance that this place readily offers. Here are some point of interest and amazing tourist spots in Manila.

  1. Intramuros: ‘What a place to spend time while vacationing here!’ cried Sandra while her friends looked at Manila Travel Guide to get more info about 64-hectare citadel made in stone. The citadel being historic in nature, has endured wars, calamities, and has been invaded by several warriors, indeed everything about is remarkable! Lilian photographed everybody and then they moved on.   
  1. Contemporary Manila: The visit to Chino Roces Avenue did not confine to a limited space at all. In fact all the friends who were the ‘Fab Ones’ of their college laughed at the idea of sightseeing in Manila in contemporary colors, however, their laughs turn into gestures of surprise when they had an access to Internationally acclaimed exhibitions mentioned in the Manila tourist information guide. Nearer to it stood the Silverlens, a great place speaking photographically, even the videos and installation looked cool enough! 
  1. Café Juanita: Fun time munching delicious food made all of them happy and overjoyed. After all, the way to happiness was crafted through stomach. One of the 10 reasons to visit Manila was savoring some of the delights that included the Asohos (Whiting), Laing (taro leaves preparation in coconut milk), pasta with Aligue (crab fat) sauces, and pork-rich adobo, it was all yum to have.
  1. Greenbelt Chapel: Roman Catholic City, the abode of the Holy Spirit, the light of spirituality can be felt here! Commerciality and Christendom which are a part of Manila tourism are akin to one another, at Greenbelt 3 which painted a holistic kind of picture with the presence of a church with dome on the high, the Greenbelt Chapel. They talked of the sins and the holy happenings that have been and have continued since the time immemorial. At Greenbelt 5 can you can confess your sins and ask for forgiveness. ‘Man has always found himself to be a child in God’s hands, it has been so, and would always be – that’s the truth.’ Michel spoke as they listened.  

Manila, Philippine Night View

  1.  Museums of the Dynasties:  Ever since the city took its first breath, there has remained the presence of powerful kinfolks that are important parts of the city. Visiting museums seemed to them like shaking hands with the characters of the historic times, like the Ayala Museum of the Zobel de Ayala family. There the pack of tourists had much fun knowing about the great Philippine hero Jose Rizal.
  1. Halo-halo: Much a do about everything was going to be their motto as they rushed to enjoy the flavors of Pinoy dessert which was also a drinkable liquid. Filipino cream caramel, purple yam and others ingredients form the beverage that intermixes the entire culture in one drink. ‘Lavish! Yes it is!’ they had fun having it.   
  1. Shoe Museum Marikina: Shoe time folks! ‘Cinnat we get the reason as to who’s shoe collection is being presented in the museum’ Rosy enquired. ‘It’s said that much of the collection comes from Imelda Marcos, the first lady of the country’, As Remond told this, all watched gasping in amazement. Manila travel guide was of much help.
  1. The sunset is a cool sight if viewed from the Manila Ocean Park; next, the Chinatown called Binondo; and last but not the least, Music Houses like Club Dredd and Warehouse 135 – all were in tune with the times. They agreed that Manila has its own charm, its own shimmer and that they would visit this place yet again!
Triphobo is your Manila tourism guide and you can have access to all that is essentially required by you, if you are going to visit places like Manila. Complete knowledge about the facts while you stay in that part of the country you are visiting, can be gained.